High-Performance Laminated and Coated Fabrics Backed by Over 60 Years of Technical Know-How

Since 1964, Bruin Plastics Company, Inc. has combined unrivaled quality, selection, and service to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of reinforced laminated and coated fabrics. Our portfolio includes multi-polymer and fiber innovations suited to an array of commercial, industrial, and military applications. Whether they're creating safer healthcare environments or weathering the elements, Bruin Plastics fabrics are proven performers designed for the industry challenges of the 21st century.

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Variety of in-stock fabrics, ready to ship

At Bruin Plastics, our warehouse is always full-and timely delivery is always a given. Since we manufacture our fabrics right here in Rhode Island, we have thousands of yards of finished goods in stock on any given day, ready to ship to your location.

The right fabric at the right price

Come to us with your fabric challenge, and our trained specialists will help you select the best product for the job. If it's not something we have in stock, we're happy to custom-engineer a fabric in the specific weight, color, construction, and width you require.

Save time & money with value added services

From precision slitting to edge printing to interleafing, Bruin Plastics offers a variety of additional services to help you eliminate steps in your production process. We can accommodate roll widths as wide as 85" or as narrow as 7/8".

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Bruin proudly supports the Michael H. Flanagan Foundation

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